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As we enter the Lenten Season on March 5 we once again are reminded of the themes of Lent. The Lenten Season has had a long and meaningful tradition in the Christian church. It has meant the six weeks before Good Friday and Easter morning, a time when we are reminded of the pain and suffering which Jesus went through for us. But, the main purpose of Lent really has little to do Easter or Holy Week. Lent is a time of preparation and self-examination. It is to be a time when we rid ourselves of the earthly relation to our God. The reason for this all for self-examination is very simple to explain. Unless we have examined ourselves and presented to God our need for mercy and forgiveness, there is the possibility we will react as the disciples did on that fateful night before Jesus’ crucifixion. The disciples at the time were filled with fear and self-doubt; they feared for their own lives and had little concern for Jesus or his fate.

We, who would follow Christ, take pride like Peter that we would follow Jesus anywhere, even to death. But, would we? After all, aren’t our lives here on earth our most valued possession and would we not claim it above all other concerns? What claim does Jesus have on us? He has called us to follow Him. Are we prepared to follow? How far?

What demands are we willing to meet in our following? These are the types of questions we must ask ourselves during the Lenten Season. And not just to ask, but with God’s guidance to seek out the answers and through God’s Holy Spirit and His Church to begin to live the answers as we follow our Lord - even to the Cross - just remember what comes after the Cross!!!<


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March 5th

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March 7th

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March 8th & 15th

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March 21st

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Begins March 30th

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