Pastor David Shultz - Pastor

Over 30 years ago, God led me to explore pastoral ministry as a life path. Little did I know how much God would shape and transform my life through it. I would experience the Holy Spirit drawing me closer to the love and grace of God. I would not trade this for anything else.

The truly rewarding thing about this journey with God is that I have been blessed to bring others along with me. Together, we have been drawn deeper into relationship with God and with one another. Together, we have experienced the deep transforming love of God and have come to know that God is always for us and working for our good in everything. I count it as an incredible privilege to blessed with joining with others in their discovery of the wonder of God and the fellowship we have together through the presence of God alive in us through Jesus Christ.


Lorrie Cubbage - Secretary

My name is Lorrie Cubbage. I am the secretary at Winterstown UM Church. By my side through all life's adventures is Chris and together we have an 11 year old son named Nicholas that is a Boy Scout and keeps us very busy, a 20 year old daughter named Christa that is venturing out on her own and a yellow lab that is under a year old named Mason that is getting into everything.



Amy Smith - Treasurer


Sandra Gingrich - Choir Director

I have been directing choirs at Winterstown since 1979. I thank God for this privilege and opportunity to be able to direct and teach his children about music and teh joy it can bring into their life by using the gifts given to them.

What's the most challenging part about your job?
There are two things. First, is recruiting new members. Second, Choosing music to follow the theme of the worship service.

What gifts have you seen God working through you?
Members using the gift of music God has given them and growing in their faith and in his love by this commitment.



Rick Marks - Praise Team Leader


Nancy Forry - Organist

What's the most challenging part of your job?
Knowing what music to select for every Sunday.

What gift's have you seen God working through you?
My musical talent has brought me to a closer relationship with God. It is a most inspiring and rewarding experience to praise and worship the Lord with everyone at Winterstown Church. I know my music has touched many hearts and lives

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  • Blended Service: 10:00AM

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